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Support Tom

Tom will never be the same person he was just minutes before the injury, but with your support, there is hope for his future! Your donation will contribute to the following areas of Tom's life.

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Financial Security

Tom's brain injury ended his IT career, and he missed out on years of wages. With great effort, Tom managed to hold down some part-time jobs with relatively low wages - nowhere near enough to make up for his sizable lost wages and massive medical expenses.

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Medical Needs

Tom's medical and other expenses from his injury have been staggering. He will also need more care going forward, including extensive neurological and physical rehab, as well as highly specialized optical rehab to help regulate his visual deficits.


Immediate Needs

This injury devastated Tom's family. His elderly parents drained their savings to help provide for his immediate needs, but they have no more resources left. The family's home could be lost to the county, and Tom needs help to assure his future and keep a roof over his head.

Tom is determined to build a sustainable future for himself and regain his independence. He is a highly skilled writer, and he hopes to launch a publishing house and generate income through his books. Most importantly, he wants to become a voice for other brain injury survivors as a professional spokesperson.


How YOU can help.

Your donation will help Tom rebuild his life and establish a new future. You can donate in the following ways:

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