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Our first effort is a campaign for brain injury survivor Thomas Hapka. His remarkable story will help raise awareness about multiple aspects of brain injuries (everything from the consequences of missed or late diagnoses to the symptoms and struggles survivors face in their daily lives).
Helping Tom
Tom will never be the same person he was just minutes before the injury, but with your support, there is hope for his future! 

Medical Needs
By a conservative estimate, Tom’s medical expenses from his injury have reached nearly $500,000, and he will need more care going forward, including extensive neurological and physical rehab, as well as highly specialized optical rehab to help regulate his visual deficits.

Financial Security
Tom’s brain injury ended his IT career, and he missed out on years of wages. With great effort, Tom managed to hold down some part-time jobs with relatively low wages… nowhere near enough to make up for his sizable lost wages and massive medical expenses.

Immediate Needs
This injury devastated Tom’s family. His elderly parents drained their savings to help provide for his immediate needs, but they have no more resources left. The family’s home could be lost to the county, and Tom needs help to assure his future and keep a roof over his head.

Future Plans
Tom is determined to build a sustainable future for himself and regain his independence. He is a highly skilled writer and hopes to launch a publishing house and generating income through his books. He also wants to become a voice for other brain injury survivors as a professional spokesperson.
How YOU Can Help
Your donation will help Tom rebuild his life and establish a new future. Donations are being accepted via Pay-Pal and at Premiere Bank and First Citizens State Bank in Whitewater. 

We welcome your contribution and thank you for helping Tom reclaim his life from this tragic injury.

Let's Help Tom

Here are some ways you can donate:

A Fund for Thomas Hapka

Premiere Bank

200 S. Fremont Street

Whitewater, WI 53190


Make a secure donation‏.

      A Fund for Thomas Hapka 

First Citizens State Bank

207 W. Main Street

Whitewater, WI 53190

We are a community organization that supports local brain injury survivor Tom Hapka and raises awareness about traumatic brain injuries.

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