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  • Why ask for help now?
    Some have pointed out that Tom's injury was not recent, and they have wondered why this effort for him is only being made now. The legal case between Tom, the chiropractor and the ER lasted more than five years. Tom and his family were warned by attorneys that if they came forward, they could be sued as other families had been. Only recently was Tom advised by lawyers that he could come forward to share his story and raise money. Also, GoFundMe and other online fundraising platforms did not exist at the time of Tom's injury. The urgency behind this effort has never been greater, as Tom and his family are out of options. Tom is still struggling daily with the complications from his devastating injury, and his family has exhausted any resources they had on his care.
  • Why didn't Tom receive a settlement?
    Wisconsin has some of the worst malpractice statutes in the United States. It is difficult, if not impossible, to successfully sue a doctor or hospital of any kind in Wisconsin, even in egregious cases like Tom's. Tom tried to pursue justice, but he found there was simply no successful legal recourse to pursue, despite conclusive MRI evidence of harm done by the chiropractor and the ER doctor.
  • What are Tom's daily struggles?
    Tom's injury has left him with intense vertigo, PTSD, and a spatial disorder that makes it difficult to do many essential daily tasks that so many of us take for granted. The traumatic brain injury affects Tom's ability to sleep, hold a job, and go to grocery stores, sporting events, concerts, and other common venues. His brain injury impacts everything he does, and Tom must consider the effects of the injury in every decision he makes. Tom has come a long way in his recovery, but he needs your help in getting the essential neurological and neuro-optical therapies that are essential for his recovery.
  • Where do donations go?
    Donations to Life Beyond Brain Injury go directly to funding essential needs for Tom. Some of these specific needs include: Physical Therapy Neuro-Optical Rehab Crisis Fund (to help offset lost wages) On-Going Neurological Care
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