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Life Beyond Brain Injury
A Survivor's Guide

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This book truly is a survivor's guide. It shines a spotlight on the many challenges those with brain injuries face while seeking medical care and offers real-world insights about useful integrative and holistic resources that can help maximize recovery.

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About The Author

Thomas Hapka is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a writing and communications background. Dreaming of life in a big city as an IT consultant, Thomas was just hours away from taking off for New York City when a tragedy at a chiropractor’s appointment ended his dream – and nearly took his life.

During his ongoing recovery, Thomas discovered a lot about brain injuries and the help that is (and is not) available for many survivors. Wanting to spare others from the frantic searching for answers that he and his family endured, Thomas has written Life Beyond Brain Injury: A Survivor’s Guide. This book shines light on resources and tips for both TBI survivors and their loved ones.

Thomas lives in Whitewater, Wisconsin with his cats in the home that’s been in his family for over sixty years.


Anyone struggling to overcome a brain injury should read this book.

Imagine suffering a massive, life-threatening brain injury. Now imagine being misdiagnosed twice and going nearly three days without care as your brain continued to swell and bleed. This is what happened to Tom, and he nearly died. Now he is using his story to help others and save lives.

Life Bey
ond Injury: A Survivor’s Guide chronicles Hapka's brain injury journey and the treatment modalities that helped save his life. Those caring for a brain injury survivor will also benefit from this one-of-a-kind guide by helping them better understand the daily struggles their loved ones are going through.

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