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About Tom

When we are injured, we rely on the health care system to help us. When we are wronged, we rely on the legal system to help us seek justice. What if you found yourself in a situation where neither were on your side?​

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Before Tom's Brain Injury

Before Tom's brain injury, he enjoyed the freedom that accompanies being a young, independent person. He was passionate about fitness and led a very active lifestyle. He was incredibly social and loved meeting new people, traveling to new places, and exploring big cities. Going on lengthy road trips around the United States was something Tom dearly loved, and metropolitan areas like New York were among his favorite places. He had the ability and freedom to explore large buildings in downtown streets across the country and to attend pro basketball games, concerts, and other large public events without thinking twice.

Tom had his whole life, whole career ahead of him. On the day of his injury, Tom was excited about his future, as he was a thriving young IT professional about to leave for his dream job in New York. However, a last-minute stop at a local chiropractor ended his career and nearly ended his life.


The injury that changed

his life forever.

Tom suffered a massive brain injury when his vertebral artery was dissected during what should have been a routine chiropractic appointment. The moment the artery was damaged, Tom’s world began spinning violently as if the Earth had snapped of its axis. Tom crashed to the floor, uncoordinated and flailing as his body went into shock.


The chiropractor refused to call an ambulance for more than two hours and repeatedly manipulated Tom’s damaged neck – doctors later explained that any of these manipulations could have severed the damaged artery and killed Tom on the spot. When other patients became frightened by Tom’s graphic symptoms and started leaving the clinic, the chiropractor abandoned Tom on the floor, incapacitated and in the care of a young receptionist with no medical training.


An ER doctor then overlooked the severe vertigo, loss of coordination, and other obvious signs of brain trauma. This doctor also failed to order a brain scan and sent Tom home with a dangerously swollen, bleeding brain. Two days passed, and Tom was misdiagnosed at the ER again and nearly died before a large regional medical center finally diagnosed the life-threatening brain injury caused by the chiropractor. But by that point, major brain damage had occurred, and Tom had a very long road ahead of him.

No help in court.

Due to deficiencies in Wisconsin’s malpractice laws, Tom never received a settlement, despite conclusive proof the chiropractor had dissected his vertebral artery and the botched ER diagnosis had further jeopardized his life.


The medical and other expenses caused by Tom’s injury have been staggering, and he still has major physical impairments that limit his ability to work. The injury financially wiped out Tom and his family, but there is hope.

The future.

There are rehabilitative therapies that could improve Tom's quality of life and pave the way for him to have a happier, healthier, more productive life. There is  a real possibility he could eventually establish a good quality of life.

Tom is keenly aware there are no part-time jobs he could take - no conventional strategy - that would bring him back from this massive life event. It will take an extraordinary act of public support for Tom to regain his footing and once again establish his independence.


Please join us in supporting Tom's journey to find life beyond his brain injury. Every donation puts Tom one step closer to rebuilding his future.

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