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Life Beyond Brain Injury

One survivor's journey.

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Seriously injured by a chiropractor .

Misdiagnosed at the ER.

Sent home with a bleeding brain.

48 hours without care.   

Misdiagnosed again.

NO justice. NO settlement in court.



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Learn more about Tom's injury and how it has affected his life.

Tom's shocking story.

Tom suffered a massive, life-threatening brain injury when a chiropractor tore an artery in his neck. The chiropractor then abandoned Tom on the office floor, incapacitated and seriously injured, for over two hours before calling 911. Tom’s condition was then misdiagnosed as an ear infection at the emergency room. The ER doctor did not conduct any neurological exams or brain scans, and he sent Tom home with a dangerously swollen, bleeding brain.


For 48 hours, Tom was without medical care, clinging to life as his damaged brain continued to bleed and swell. When Tom’s family realized he had something much worse than an ear infection, they rushed him back to the hospital where he was misdiagnosed again. Through all of this, the bleeding and swelling in Tom’s brain continued unchecked as more and more damage occurred.


Tom and his family were financially ruined by the aftermath of this devastating injury, but Tom received no settlement or justice in court, despite conclusive proof the chiropractor had injured him and the ER misdiagnosis had further jeopardized his life.


Today, Tom faces the possibility of being homeless, and he still has major physical impairments that impact his quality of life each day. However, with the right help, Tom’s condition can greatly improve and he can become independent again.

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About Tom

Interested in learning more about Tom's story? You can read about the chiropractic appointment that caused his injury, the aftermath, and how Tom hopes to rebuild his life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions about the details of Tom's story and the aftermath of his injury? Check out our FAQ page.


Support Tom

Your donations will help Tom build a new future and ensure he gets the medical care he needs. Learn more about how you can support Tom and what your donation will do for him.

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